2020 outlook

2020 outlook

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Just 1 month into 2020, several major incidents has happened, many of which are still ongoing.

Recently, the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and others from a helicopter crash shook the world.
Although I do not know a lot about Kobe, I watched several of his basketball matches on youtube during my secondary school days, and know him as the basketball shooting guard legend.
Every death makes us slow our lives and think about the meaning of life for a while, before resuming the daily routine.

lebron james kobe bryant

Next, the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic in late December 2019, also known as the wuhan virus, has sent the world into panic.
The fear is especially heightened during the festive season of chinese new year, when millions of chinese return home to celebrate with their families and friends, and will soon return to their respective place of employment, with the possibility of being infected and infecting others along way.

As a result, a wave of xenophobia against the chinese spread rapidly. Adults and children are subject to racism and bullying.

Unfortunately, such a knee-jerk reaction from the general public is expected, where people from the country of trouble are automatically associated as being part of the disease. It doesn't help that chinese are labelled as one of the world's worst tourist, from display unruly behaviour in public to questionable food practices.

Therefore, proper awareness needs to be brought to the public and everyone should know that only people who have recently visited china, regardless of their nationality, are highly suspected to be carriers of the coronavirus.

coronavirus fears spark racism and xenophobia

Next, the US-Iran tension almost brought upon world war 3 as US pre-emptively killed Iran's top military commander by citing that he is responsible for planning attacks on US embassies in Iraq. Iran answered by firing missiles at Iraq's airbase which hosted the US soldiers, followed by accidentally shooting down a civillian plane from ukraine.
This show that acts of aggression/war benefits no one, while bringing harm to the innocent.

iran attacks us airbases in iraq as us iran tensions escalate

Going back slightly earlier in 2019, the Australia wildfire has been burning for months. Thousands of home have been destroyed, millions of animal and their habitat destroyed. This is yet another real-life case study of how human activities have brought about destruction to the environment that we live in.

australia houses destroyed

So far, 2020 started off with a bang, one that caused a mix of negative emotions among us. When the year ends, let's hope that we will gain 20/20 vision to move ahead with better wisdom.

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