Welcome to my website, where I write mostly on tech-related content to share the things I learned from people and from building projects using different tools.

My interests are in tech, traditional finance, cryptocurrency.


When I am not playing with tech, I spend time on youtube listening to songs, soundtracks.

I enjoy hiking, being in nature.

I was more active during schooling days, getting myself involved in track and field, volleyball.


I started to learn programming in school in 2010, and built a book management console application in C++.

Over the years, I have tried C, Haskell, Scala in academic context, and Typescript, Python Java in professional context.

I have dabbled in Go and Rust, dislike the former, like the latter. I believe that languages with null safety make the world better :)


I was a huge gamer.

I started off with the classic Maplestory in 2005, Sacrifice in 2005, dota in 2006, league of Legends in 2009, and crypto gaming in 2021.

I spent some time experimenting with cheat engine on Assault cube for fun.

Traditional finance & Cryptocurrency

I began exploring traditional finance and cryptocurrency(CeFi) in 2021, and in Defi 2022.

For Defi, I started with PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain, then moved on to explore Camelot and Perpy Finance on Arbitrum.

From 2023, I will be exploring innovative defi protocols in derivatives, yield aggregator, etc.