Web3 tic tac toe game(March 2023 - May 2023)

A decentralized tic tac toe game built deployed on sepolia testnet. Each player pays 0.01 ether to play. Leaderboard shows top 10 players.

Github link, Demo

Technologies used

Smart contract: Solidity, truffle, ganache Frontend: HTML, kavascript

Stock/crypto market notification (Jan 2023 - )

A telegram channel that displays stock market data from tradingview and vix central.

Github link, Stocks telegram link, Crypto telegram link

Technologies used

Backend: Python
Database: Redis

Build your own redis (Mar 2022)

Github link

A TCP server written in Rust that supports simple commands such as PING, ECHO, GET, SET.

URL shortener (Dec 2020 – Jul 2022)

A URL shortener that shortens any URL to 7 characters, with optional custom alias. Automation of the entire stack via IaaC.

Website, Github backend, Github frontend, Github infra

Technologies used

Backend: Typescript, Node.js
Database: PostgreSQL, Redis
Web server: Nginx
CI/CD: Github actions, docker
Infra: AWS EC2, terraform, packer, ansible

VentureBites (Feb 2021 – Apr 2021)

VentureBites is a platform for tech startup events and resources in Asia.

  • Backend: Implemented an ETL job to retrieve data from various sources, queried from REST API
  • Frontend: Built a web application to display events with Next.js

Portfolio, Gitlab backend, Gitlab frontend

Technologies used

Backend: Typescript, Node.js, Puppeteer
Frontend: Next.js
Cloud: Serverless, AWS

Instagram viral posts finder (Feb 2019 - Aug 2020)

An API service and CLI tool to retrieve viral posts from any public instagram account

CLI github link (Feb 2019 – Jul 2019), API github link (Jul 2020 – Aug 2020)

Technologies used

Javascript, Typescript, Node.js